The Tale of Wintergrasp

A small change in Wintergrasp

The sleepy thorp of Wintergrasp remained much as it had been over the centuries. The changes in the world around them had gone unnoticed in this small trapping community. Tales of family glories and hardships were passed from father to son, while the names changed the stories, much like their community, remained the same. This fall began much as they had in the past, but the cold winds of the north descended upon Wintergrasp much earlier than usual and brought with them an unexpected change.

The trade route the wound through the dense forests of the north had always attracted bandits and highwaymen, seeking to take for themselves the valuable furs coming from Wintergrasp. This fall, however, saw their numbers dwindle and, as if by an act of the gods, they vanished in the icy winds. The news was welcomed by the people of Wintergrasp, but those who had seen many winters before feared this was an omen. Those to whom the town been prey were now prey themselves, where would this leave the good people of Wintergrasp?

On the lonely road, three men marched north to Wintergrasp, following rumors of strange goings on in the lands to the north. Two Gnomes, a Dwarf and his turtle companion were set upon by the ad hoc town guard, hunters who swore to protect the town from that which threatened it. Under the watchful eye of the guard, they were escorted into town where they met Carlos Coppertop.

Reluctant to speak of the threats the town faced, Carlos tried to keep secret the excess shipments of provisions he’d been receiving, but he could not stand up to the scrutiny of the band of adventurers. He hinted that the shipments were not intended for the town, but that they were being left in the woods north of Wintergrasp. Careful not to be observed, Carlos sketched a crude map showing where the provisions were being left and on the back of the parchment a symbol.

This symbol led the group to a small church, new to the town. It was here that they discovered the first to lead this covenant disappeared, leaving only his disciple to lead the congregation…



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