The Tale of Wintergrasp

When The Drow Breaks

“Odd that such a small town should need so many supplies…” Commented a raspy voice. Its owner loaded the last crate of provisions onto the small cart destined for Wintergrasp.

A shadowy figure, on a quest to investigate the rumors coming from the north, sought out this supplier in order to learn the details behind these shipments. After searching the merchant’s home and business he found a reference to a dwarf in Wintergrasp, Carlos Coppertop, along with a manifest of the supplies already sent. Seeking to confront the dwarf, the cloaked man slipped into the cart amongst the supplies as it set off on its long journey north.

Shortly before the stranger’s arrival, a small group had come to town seeking to investigate the mysterious shipments and rumors of the northern woods. Their search led them to the Temple of Auril where they learned her cleric had recently gone missing.

Having gathered in Carlos’ Place, the two parties decided to pool their resources and investigate together the enigmatic events. They set forth from Wintergrasp to the location on the map Carlos gave them and waited for whoever, or whatever, had been coercing the dwarf to supply them. Hours passed while the group laid in wait, it wasn’t until nightfall that their quarry arrived. A pair of dusky humanoids approached and began to offload the supplies. When the rogue moved in to trail them, they were alerted to presence. They sent word back for reinforcements and began their attack.

After a brief skirmish, they killed one and subdued the other. He revealed the location of their camp before being knocked out and left on the cart. Nearly an hour into their trek to the drow’s lair, they heard the reinforcements approaching and quickly ducked off the trail to hide among the undergrowth. Seizing this opportunity, the party attacked the, now largely empty, underground lair where the supplies were being stored.

When the reached the grandest chamber of this cave-like structure, they found a temple to Auril. Standing before it praying was a drow sorcerer. After the battle, when the drow fell to the Turtle Master, a powerful illusion broke, revealing that the dark elf they vanquished was, in fact a human. He had been transfigured to gain the allegiance of the drow for the upcoming battle.



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