Milan Kerken



A former Acolyte of Pelor training to become a priest.. but he struggled to harness the divine energies, his faith had a weakness to it.. a thirst for power… easy power. While trying to find a “short cut” to a divine path he came across two books, forbidden tomes really, one was a book of rites, rituals to summon those that should not be and to bind their power to his will.. if for a time. And it was easy draw a circle and say the proper name and come to an accord. Simple, easy power. The other book was one of prophecy detailing yet another being, one of immense power.. if only the signs can be made right, a winter in summer, a circle of iron broken.. all of these he wondered how he could achieve. Before being able to put his plans into full motion he had the unfortunate luck of being caught… fleeing as fast as he could away from his old life he managed to loose the book of prophecy in his flight.

He wants it back….

Milan Kerken

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